quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

lemony workshop I

I felt somewhat greenish today when it came into my mind to open the refrigerator and look for the greenest thing I could find and do something with it. 

Ended up with a beautifull round lemon, oh how i love lemons.

I thought about drawing in it, with my pen or some other fountain of paint.

But it didn't worked out that well.

So  I captured one small, but yet sharp, knife and started carving it !

Ended up with something that looks like this.

feels like some hands to me.

There where more things in it,but nothing much important.

It felt fine, as the hands hugged the lemon.

But still, it was not enougth.

So I ventured further away and used the full power of my little sharp friend

wonder how the poor lemon felt.

It might have seemed to be like something close to the construction of the Berlin wall.

Whole families ( in the case, of tastefull lemon juyce ) torn apart in less then a day's work. Splitted to two completely diferent lifestyles...

But still... the pictures looked very very nice.

-there it goes the socialist side .... -


Well, thats it for now peeps ^^  hope you've liked it as much as i did.

P.S: this lemonade needs more sugar 

more sugar